Oct 20, 2011

Sparkle and Shine for the Holidays

Hey vintage lovers! It's been a while, but I have been so very busy! Today, I am blogging about vintage jewelry - you know the kind - all sparkly with rhinestones and glass beads? I just listed a ton of it in my Etsy shop, VintageOnTheRidge, this week, and it got me thinking (this time it's a good thing!) . . . if we supported the vintage sellers online by buying vintage sparkly jewelry for our holiday outfits this year, we would really help some folks out. There are so many of us trying to make a living and pay bills by selling vintage and upcycled vintage jewelry; this isn't a side job or a fun hobby for many people - it is part of the only job they have. So think about perusing all the beautiful vintage pieces at Etsy and other online vintage marketplaces that you frequent. I have no doubt that you can find the perfect holiday jewelry, at a great price, and help another family have a wonderful Christmas at the same time.
The same goes for Handmade gifts over store-bought ones, too. Wouldn't it be nice to give one-of-a-kind gifts to the ones you love?

Vintage jewelry runs the gamut from primitive to ultra-sophisticated, from Victorian and Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern. Many pieces are from companies that are no longer in business and with the value of gold and silver these days, buying vintage can even be an investment. And you would not believe what some artisans are doing with broken bits and pieces of old jewelry - their newly-made creations are just stunning! I tried my hand at upcycling some antique jewelry pieces into new, fun and funky necklaces like this one:

It was fun, but also frustrating and perplexing at times. I am not a jewelry designer, my workshop is not equipped or stocked well enough to do many pieces, and I have decided that I really don't want to pursue this avenue of creating. The few pieces I made were enough to put that into perspective. As Forest Gump said, "That's good. One less thing!" Still I had so many broken pieces and wonderful odds and ends, as well as nice vintage pieces, I decided it would be best to list them in my Etsy shop and let the real designers have them, so that's what I've done for several days now. I still have some things left to take photos of and get listed, but most of the really good rhinestone, glass, and other pieces are available now. Take a look at this awesome Art Deco necklace in black and white glass - it is stupendous!

And these sparkling Nouveau dress clips in pave-set and channel-set rhinestones would make an awesome necklace focal or even - well, dress clips! Why did women stop wearing dress clips anyway? And shoe clips? I think antique shoe clips are a great way to dress up a pair of plain shoes for a more dressy occasion. Have we missed the versatility boat that vintage fashion once had? Let's bring it back!

I look in the department stores and all the costume jewelry begins to look alike -- or it seems so cheaply made. Let's shop vintage for our holiday jewelry this year! Are you with me? Tell me what you think!

Sep 25, 2011

Let's Play Games

Game Boards
I have always loved board games. I think some of the fun for me is the graphic appeal of the board itself. We have sort of gone away from the traditional game boards in favor of the electronic versions, which is a shame. I suppose that is how folks from the 1800s saw it as well, as we came into the manufactured age and then moved on to cardboard and plastic. As a collector and dealer, it makes my heart jump when I see a great game board from the earlier centuries - the ones made by hand with wood and paint. Oh my!

That's why I am sharing this one with you -- from VandM.com (Vintage and Modern) comes this awesome Backgammon board. Backgammon is one of my all-time favorite games (I must admit, I play an electronic version when I am alone so I have an adversary in the computer. It's better than not playing at all, I guess.) But if I had this magnificent board, it would be on my wall, never to be played with again! Look at that price tag, my friends . . . yep, it says $10,500!

Perhaps I will hook that design into a rug since the real deal will never grace my humble walls. Check out the whole description at VandM.com and lots more photos, too.
News from the Etsy Shop: vintageontheridge
Have you been to my Etsy shop lately? Everything is on Sale at 20% off! It's a Fall Sale . . . get a great deal on some great vintage stuff! Come back here and let me know what you bought and I will send you a special vintage gift with your purchase! A sale and free stuff - how can you beat that?

Happy Bargain Hunting my vintage-loving friends!

Sep 1, 2011

Where the Hell Have You Been?

I know, I know! I have been miserably absent for the entire summer. There's probably no one left to read this blog . . . I'm sad for that, but I have been creating, working, and doing all summer. I cannot keep up with blogging, web site building, creating for my site and Etsy, and magazine projects - it's just too much (I always try to wear too many hats - I'm a classic over-achiever - what more can I say in my defense?)

So, what the heck have I been doing - you want to know?
Well, I have re-designed my web building business and web site. See that at http://www.hightimedesign.com

I re-designed JoEllen Dismukes web site at http://www.laceyjaneprims.com

I am almost done with a re-design of my rug hooking web site at http://www.folkandfiber.com (the old one is still there, but watch for the pretty, new, updated version to appear online very soon!)

I have been creating upcycled necklaces from vintage jewelry parts for my Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/vintageontheridge
 . . . that was really fun and since my work table is still filled with pieces of vintage jewelry parts, I will be creating more of those as soon as I get my web site re-design finished up.

I worked on a rug hooking project to be featured in the new magazine SpoolMag (http://www.spoolmag.com) The editor, De, contacted me and asked if I would like to be featured - "hell, yes!" I love to have the opportunity to spread the word about rug hooking to new folks. Thanks to De and SpoolMag for that chance!

I have listed a bunch of vintage items in my Etsy shop - lots of very cool, old, textile print blocks. It's my personal collection - but you know what Steven Wright used to say . . . "You can't have everything -- where would you put it?"--  that's my problem and so this was one collection that I didn't mind letting go of . . . here is just one of them - pretty cool, huh? And they can still be used for ink printing and also to impress the image into clays.

And in between those projects, I created a new Fall Hook-a-Month project for my rug hookers. Kits are still available if you are interested . . .

And then there was all that weeding of flower beds, mowing of lawns, dog watching for my daughter so she could go on vacation (when is it my turn for one of those?) He is a sweetie - a one year old Golden Retriever named buck who I adore! All 80 pounds of him!! He stayed for a week and he let me work most of the time . . . I still kept a close on on the little (big?) stinker who likes to eat socks! Luckily, I don't wear many socks in the summer time.

So there you have an encapsulated, abbreviated, shortened version of where my summer went. I spent a little time with friends, too. Some nice visits on my porch, sampling new wine and enjoying the summer evenings with my buddy Rick, who always serenaded me with his awesome guitar playing. A fun party with my BFF, Nancy and her family (doing it again for Labor Day!)

So, if you are reading this, Thank You! I am afraid I have lost you all with my absence. I promise to try to be more present in the future. Check out all the links and let me know what you think. And tell me about your summer - remember those back-to-school essays? "What I did on my summer vacation." Geez, I hated writing those! Mostly because we never took vacations and making it up got so boring! But do tell us what you did on yours. I will pick my favorite and reward you with a little something from Vintage on the Ridge Etsy shop - how's that?

I'll be back soon with more news and a little life . . . until then, stay safe, remember our troops and Never Forget 9/11!!


May 8, 2011

Mother, Ma, Moeder, Mama, Madre, Muter - MOM!

No matter how you say it, there's no replacement for Mom! Today we celebrate motherhood. Those of us who have had the privilege of being a mother know its joys and sorrows, of which there are many. Motherhood makes you a better woman, a stronger person, and a life coach for the most important people in the world - your own. With motherhood comes the biggest responsibility one can ever know. We learn as we go, and if we are very lucky, we have another mother to help us - our own. I was one of those lucky mothers whose children heard the word Grandmother and jumped for joy. I knew what they were feeling . . . that was the woman who gave me life, nurtured and adored me, played with me, read to me, shaped me into a caring person, and yes, disciplined me when I needed it. She loved life, she found the good in every bad, she taught me how to be fair, compassionate, and giving. They weren't lessons she taught by lecture or even words; by her example and how she treated others, I saw and I learned and I listened. If I could be half the Mother that she was, I would still feel very fortunate. She taught me so many things, but the most important lessons were those of how to be a good mother. She taught me to love old things and took me to antique shows as a teenager and craft shows as a young mother. My love of antiques and my unending pursuit of artistic endeavors are attributable to her nurturing those seeds in me. I am not, and never will be, as good as she was but I have the knowledge to draw upon when I need it most. She lost her own mother when she was just a teenager, and an only child. She lost her son when he was just a teenager, leaving me to be an only child. She knew the ultimate grief of losing a child - that to me is unimaginable!

My Mom, Norma Van Nuys
Three years ago, I lost her. She left behind a lasting legacy of love and sweetness. I feel it every day, as do my children. I have never felt a greater loss, a bigger hole in my heart, nor a fiercer longing for someone. I have regrets, as do most people when they lose a loved one; we think "why didn't we spend more time together" or "when was the last time I told her that I loved her?" or "what could I have done to make her life better?"  I do wish I hadn't been so busy and had made more time to spend with my Mom. I am happy that I kissed her and told her I loved her every time I saw her - it was hard not to! Everyone loved my mother, and they tell me that to this day. It's a rare thing to have and I cherish it. I miss you, Mom.

So today, go spend some time with your mother if you can. Make sure she knows that you appreciate what she's done for you. If you are not on good terms with your mother, take a step to make it right again. Cards and flowers, and jewelry are nice, but the best gift any mother can receive from her child is one of love. Just let her know you love her - trust me - that's enough!

She is my first, great love. She was a wonderful, rare woman - you do not know; as strong, and steadfast, and generous as the sun. She could be as swift as a white whiplash, and as kind and gentle as warm rain, and as steadfast as the irreducible earth beneath us.
~ D.H. Lawrence

May 4, 2011

A Reward of Merit - Facebook Fans!

I have been putting it off, but I knew it was inevitable! Social media, like Facebook and Twitter are really important aspects of having an online business. So, I spent some time and created another Facebook Fan page. This one is for Vintage on the Ridge (my Etsy shop.) If you would, I sure would love to have some Fans over there . . . click to go and give me a Thumbs Up (LIKE), then leave a comment. Your reward? A chance to win an item of your choice from my Etsy shop's Under $5 Bucks section. I know it sounds chintzy, but I am destashing in a big way, so most everything in that section is valued at more than $5 - I just need to move it out of here! Free is good, right? Note that the winner will be chosen at the Facebook page, not here on the blog. So LIKE me and leave a comment there to get in the give-away. I'll pick a winner on Memorial Day!
I love give-aways!! Let me know what you think of the new Facebook page. Oh yes, one more thing - I also have a Twitter account for Vintage on the Ridge - follow me there if you like (I still don't "get" Twitter all that much, but it's inevitable, too.) Twitter @vintageridge
Have a great day everyone!

May 1, 2011

Vintage & Antique Bargains Galore! Tons of Victorian Paper!

Been working like a fiend to get new things added to the Etsy shop. There are now over 100 items available and almost half are under $5. I told you I am really de-stashing here. I created a shop section Under $5 - Ephemera where you will find all kinds of cool old Victorian paper, old advertising stuff, trade cards and postcards. I have stacks of old postcards yet to come. I have also added quite a few items to the other sections, too.

This will be my almost full-time job until I get everything listed. So there should be updates to the shop almost every day. If you want to keep up with the new listings, you can always subscribe to my RSS Feed - you'll get instant updates to your mail Inbox whenever I add items to the shop, stop in here and click on the tab NEW@ETSY, or you can visit my Etsy shop every day, but then you'll have to hunt for the new stuff. Either way - get ready for some great bargains and some awesome stuff.
Victorian Tradecard for Round Oak Stoves
Signed Wensch Postcard, Freixas art - RARE

And so speaking of vintage ephemera, I found some great web sites while try to research some of the postcards and trade cards I was listing (almost impossible at times) that I'd like to share with you:

Ben Crane's, The Tradecard Place, is great! Check out his Victorian Scrapbook page!
Don't miss Pamela Franzmeier's, Remember When Vintage Postcards - so much to see and learn here!
And links to just about every category of vintage/antiques at CollectibleDetective.com - especially good Ephemera Links
Need to do a little research on your trade cards? Go to Harvard! Check it out here . . .

Be sure to try and keep up with my Etsy shop - especially if you collect old paper. I have quite a few tin types to be listed soon, too.

Apr 21, 2011

Major De-Stashing Going On Here! Victorian Ephemera

Available - blank merchant trade card
Good morning - the sun is shining here finally and I am feeling a bit relieved. I spent all day yesterday and this morning adding to my vintage Etsy shop. I decided a lot of paper has to get listed and be sold. It's bargain time!

I have filled a new section of the shop, called Under Five Bucks, with lots of Victorian trade cards and some postcards. I have many more postcards to get listed - I have the photos taken and now need several hours to write them up and list them in the shop. If you collect, do mixed media or collage, or paper crafting, you might want to take a look. They are all listed way below their collectible value, so you could even make a few bucks if you decided to resell them. I just really need to continue to clean out drawers and shelves to make room in my studio so I can actually work on my art.
Already Sold - Seltzer Tradecard

I have lots more to go . . . but this is a good start. De-stashing is so fulfilling, isn't it? It takes a good amount of work, but in the end, someone else gets to enjoy the treasures and you get some much needed space back and if you are lucky, a few pennies in your pocket.

It's getting close to garage sale weather here, so I will probably do one of those as well. I hate to try to ship really large items and furniture across country - garage sales and flea markets work better. Wow - then I'll have a basement room and garage space, too! If you are in the NE Ohio area, check back here later in the Spring/Summer and I'll let you know when the big sale will commence!

Have a blessed weekend everyone - don't eat too many eggs!

Apr 19, 2011

Vintage on the Ridge: Advertise

Vintage on the Ridge: Advertise: "Want to get the word out about your vintage blog or shop? We welcome your ads for blogs, vintage shops, and Etsy vintage sellers. Great rates!"

Apr 18, 2011

Vintage Treasures - Where Do You Display Them?

OK- I know it's been a while, but I am here now and I have some new vintage and antiques to share with you. I spent many hours picking and choosing, taking photos, researching and listing new treasures for my Etsy shop. I have lots and lots more, but I do feel a small sense of accomplishment by getting more items listed. I hope you'll stop by and check out the new stuff.

Sausage grinding bench in front of last year's hydrangea bush
Spring makes me want to choose new primitives and vintage vignettes to display on my porch and in my gardens -- I just wish it would stay warmer here on the north coast. Do you use cool old stuff in your outdoor spaces? I love to use things in the garden that add interest and color, but aren't so valuable that if the weather takes its toll, I am not heartbroken about losing them. Iron is really cool to use because the weather just makes it look better (if you like rust.)

Iron bumble bee and wooden garden angel that my Dad made for me several years ago
Old wood can last a while but after a couple of seasons it needs to be replaced. I have a covered front porch, so I like to create sitting areas decorated with vintage finds and change them often throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. What are some of your favorite old items to use to decorate your outdoor spaces? How do you use them? Please share!

I just added a Graniteware section to the Etsy shop - graniteware (or enamelware, if you prefer)can be fun to sit potted plants in for porch decorations or even to use as actual planters in the garden. I have several old graniteware buckets that I use to hold my potting soil and to mix fertilizer in. They are easy to rinse out and look good while they're on the job! I especially love blue and white swirl graniteware (although I would never relegate the old, awesome pieces to the outdoors!)
Blue & White Swirl graniteware bucket; sold on my website several years ago. Wish I had kept this one! Not a great photo - sorry - it's all I have left : (
Cobalt blue & white swirl plate that I love (and kept!)
 Well, I am off now to add some more items to the Etsy shop -- stop by often to see the new stuff . . . the scrolling Etsy shop on the left will also show the new items. If you have any questions, I am always available to answer them for ya! Have a blessed Easter weekend . . . see ya next week!

Mar 2, 2011

Holy Steampunk Batman!

Do you love steampunk design? Do you know what steampunk is? Or how it came about? While we have seen many artists producing steampunk art and selling it on Etsy, lots of folks still have not been exposed to this fantastical design style. I tried to describe it to someone a while back and really found myself at a loss for the proper words to explain it. I kept coming back to a goth-style for interiors . . . almost there but not quite. Anyway, I came across a link from NEA Journal online today and I was totally blown away. You have to see all this great stuff! And, if you aren't familiar with steampunk, you will be!

Start with this video from Fox News Boston: Steampunk Explained and follow it up by clicking on the links you see below the video box, especially the Modvic.com link.

And just in case you all want to get together and buy me a present -- this is one awesome piece. I would love to have it - gift wrapping is not necessary!

Okay, it's a tad expensive, so how about all this awesome steampunk stuff on Etsy? And that's just a search for Steampunk Housewares - there is jewelry, accessories, gadgets, oh you name it!

You have to admit that, even if you wouldn't put it in your own home or it's not your favorite style of jewelry, it is just so cool! My questions? What kind of a mind do you have to have to come up with these ideas? Is it art? Is it more than art? What does it say to you? Tell me - leave a Comment!

Feb 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Love Affair with Vintage Contest

Antique Copper Creamer mid-1800s
Good morning dear reader. We had a nice start to our day by learning that an item we just listed in our Etsy shop was featured in another Etsy treasury this morning. Our pretty little copper creamer (who was separated from his family of the coffee pot and sugar bowl earlier this month) is included in the treasury, Metallic Mania. He feels more loved now - our thanks to CountrysidePeddlar for including this sweet little guy in her Etsy Treasury. (The sweet creamer has a new home! Shelly of Oberlin OH wants him to come live with her! Thanks Shelly!)

Do you have love for a special vintage or antique piece? Maybe it's something you own or long to own? Tell us about it and you could be chosen as our Valentine's Day Love Affair with Vintage contest winner. All you have to do is leave a comment below, telling us about your love of a special vintage or antique treasure (leave a link to a photo if you can) and on Feb 28th, we will announce the randomly-chosen winner. The winner will receive a Vintage on the Ridge gift certificate for $40.00; you can use it toward any items in our Etsy shop, any time, until it's all used up. It will be so much fun to read about your special treasures. Good luck!

Oh wait! Want to double or triple your entries? Just blog about our contest, then email us the link to the blog post with your name and your email address and we will happily add your entry to the drawing a second time. Add our button to your blog in addition to your post and get three extra entries! If you don't have a blog, just Follow us in the Google Follow box to the right and we'll add a second entry for you. We are spreading the love of vintage today - generosity abounds!

I am off to Tweet about the contest - it'd be great if you would click the Twitter or Facebook icons here to help spread the word so we can have lots of cool entries to look at and share! We love you!!!


Feb 12, 2011

I Could Smile for a While . . .

Hey gang - I am popping in to mention that I've added several items to our Etsy shop in the past few days. So if you haven't checked lately, I think you'll find some cool new things.

We have also had a couple of our items featured in Etsy Treasuries this week. The handpainted 1930s fruit basket appeared in a Treasury by Anne Keppe. Anne is a collector who creates Etsy Treasuries because she loves to shop for handmade and vintage on Etsy, so she helps promote Etsy sellers through her treasuries. Many thanks to Anne for her efforts! Her beautiful and colorful Treasury can be seen here:  Volviendo a SonreĆ­r (as sung by by Rebekah del Rio from the soundtrack album for Mulholland Drive, 2001.) Translation: "I could smile for a while." Ya gotta love Ray Orbison, the song writer.

Thanks also to Wendy at SweetWaterGifts in Dallas for featuring our German stein in her treasury entitled What Real Men Want (so that's what it is! Well, heck, that's easy!) Seriously though, her treasury is a plethora of manly stuff from some wonderful Etsy sellers. Be sure to check it out here: What Real Men Want   That Harley model is something else, right? I am always amazed at the wonderfully creative things artists come up with for men -- it's a hard category to fill with handcrafted things.

That's all for today . . . go check out the new stuff - just click on Most Recent in Sort By at the top of the listings


Feb 7, 2011

Antique or Vintage? What's Your Pleasure?

I have been a purist for many years and always wanted only antiques in my home. Vintage was fun and fine for other collectors, but I wanted the older pieces. What's the difference? Well, by definition, antiques are 100 years old or older; vintage must be at least 50 years old. The older I get, vintage gets even closer to antique (does that make sense?) I mean, ok, I grew up in the 50s. Most of the younger collectors think of 1950s vintage as 'antique.' How does that make me feel - well, vintage, of course! I guess I am talking in circles, but I hope you get my meaning: I want to collect antiques, not be one. So please, refer to me as vintage if you must (yes, I qualify) but I hope I die before I become a legitimate antique.
Cut Glass Antique Cruet Stand
What do you like to collect? Do you have a strong preference for vintage vs. antique? I hope you give them both an equal chance . . . just collect what you love because it makes your heart sing, or you love its color and form, or it has a special meaning to you. Being a purist is okay, but it can preclude you from finding some really beautiful things. If you see a piece of cut glass and your eyes pop out of your head, don't worry about how old it is -- figure out a way to use it! Like this one ... I added this cut glass cruet stand to our etsy shop today. It has long ago lost its bottles, but there has to be a great repurpose for this piece. It is so beautiful (yes, an antique) and in perfect condition.

Oh, you aren't crazy about glass? I get that - me either. I appreciate it and think it's pretty, but I collect primitive antiques and cut glass doesn't really fit that genre, you know?

So you like vintage stuff from the 40s maybe? Like that classic seafoam green color? It's gorgeous and blends with both bright and soft colors. Here's a very cool fruit basket from the 40s that you might like. It has handpainted fruit with mica glitter under glass:
Vintage 1940s Fruit Basket

See more photos of this awesome bread basket at Vintage on the Ridge.

Now here is a fun plate that can go with other antiques or with graphic vintage pieces. A white ironstone plate bearing the handpainted image of Little Polly Flinders in classic, simple colors. The nursery rhyme verse follows the rim of the pate, and that's it. No other decoration - beauty in simplicity. And fun, too.
Little Polly Flinders Plate
So there's a preview of just a couple of items I added to the shop today. I think I added about 10 items - between photographs, descriptions, measurements and all, I sort of lost track. But go for a visit and see for yourself -- vintage and antique -- both. I hope you see something you love, and maybe can't live without! If you have any questions, just convo me at the shop, or comment here. I am always happy to talk to you . . . vintage and antique lovers alike.

Take a look around your home -- do you have a vingnette that's kind of tired, or a collection that needs an addition? Think about color and form and not just age as you shop and buy the pieces you need . . . the time to buy an antique (or vintage) is when you see it! If you come back for it, chances are it will be living at someone else's house.
'Til next time . . .  Sally

Jan 29, 2011

What? No Starbucks??

I recently sold a beautiful copper and pewter antique coffee pot at Vintage on the Ridge Etsy shop. As I was packing it for shipping, I got to thinking about how much I love coffee and what a hardship it would be to have to prepare and wait for coffee to brew the old-fashioned way.

I stand in my kitchen preparing my coffee maker before my eyes are fully open in the morning. My pot tells me what time it is, how strong I can make my coffee, how long my filter has been in place, and gives me a delay timer option to have my coffee ready when I get up in the morning (though I rarely remember to set it.) My aromatic, delicious brew flows into a thermal carafe that keeps my coffee hot for two hours and then automatically turns the warmer off. Most modern coffee makers (we can't really call them 'pots' anymore, now can we?) do all that and some do even more, like grinding your beans or tying your shoes (okay, I jest. But you know what I mean.)

So as I sat this morning, enjoying my big cup of life-breathing caffeine, I thought it would be fun to look back at all the different coffee pot styles that I remember owning, or seeing in my grandmother and mother's kitchens over the years. Believe me young ones, coffee wasn't always so easy or great tasting. This first example is like a pot that I own and use as a planter on my porch -- cowboy coffee pot - open camp fire and all that. It's a boiler pot - no basket to hold the grounds; you just threw the coffee in the bottom, added water and waited for the grounds to settle as you boiled the heck out of them. After they boiled, you waited for the grounds to settle again and then hoped for the best when you poured out your cup o' sludge. Yuck!
Sold for $45 at Country Joe's Collectible Stuff
What? You don't want to make a campfire to prepare your morning cup of joe? Okay, on to the stove-top models. I remember my Grandma's pot looking a lot like this one. My aunts and my Mom all had variations on the this style, too. Aluminum pot with an inner coffee basket and a long tube thingy that let the water boil up and through the basket of grounds. Put it on the stove and let 'er boil folks. I am not sure how they knew when the coffee was done . . . I supposed they timed it, or watched the ones with the glass knobs on top to see when the coffee looked to be the right color? I just remember seeing these pots on the stove and smelling that coffee aroma, but that was long before I was allowed to drink it - or wanted to.
Foley and Comet brand stove-top percolator

Jan 23, 2011

How Bloggy Can You Get?

I know I've already posted today, but I had to mention the Blog Guidebook! If you write a blog or just really enjoy reading good blogs, please give them a visit. They have the best resources for bloggers - no, really! And the greatest design - I love the colors and feel of this site; these folks really have it together and are so helpful - check out all the wonderful stuff they offer. Can you tell I am a fan?

If you are searching for some fresh blogs to read, check out the blog list on the sidebar over there -- like I said, how bloggy can you get? What are you waiting for? GO!

Open the Trunk

A few months ago, a friend was updating her office and looking for a new desk. She doesn't have tons of space, so she needed something functional, space saving, and of course, beautiful. As usual, when someone says they are in need, I start surfing! Somehow in my web travels, I came upon this gorgeous steamer trunk office system at one of my favorite companies, Restoration Hardware (of all places, right?) It has the look of a gigantic vintage trunk - even opens and closes to save floor space when you aren't using your desk.

My friend opted to wait, but of course I had already fallen madly in love with it! Unfortunately, it's out of my price range and I really don't need a new desk. So at the very least, I can share it with you -- who knows perhaps one of you lovely readers will add it to your office space. If you do, please send me a photo so I can drool with envy! In the meantime, go see all the photo views of this wonderful piece at Restoration Hardware.

On a related note, when I moved from my two-story Colonial back to my childhood-home bungalow, I lost a lot of space but not the equivalent amount of stuff. Here I am two years later, trying to keep organized. To make a work room/office in one of the bedrooms, I converted the closet into my office space. My Mom's antique drop-front desk fit perfectly, along with my shelving system for my computer components. One of these days, when it's all neat and tidy, I'll post a photo. That solution allowed me to have most of the rest of the floor space for my workroom furniture - antique scrub table, hand-painted (by me) vintage dresser, bachelor's chair, and even my ironing board (which sometimes stays open for weeks at a time, I must confess.)

Have you solved an office space problem in a unique way? Do you incorporate vintage or antiques into your office as storage or design elements? We would love to see your ideas! Leave a brief description in the Comments below and if you intrigue me, I'll contact you for photos to post on our Favorites page. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you.

Jan 22, 2011

Ephemera and New Old Stock

I posted an Etsy treasury on our Favorites page (just click the link in the Pages bar at the top.) I found some lovely vintage ephemera and new old stock items on Etsy this morning, and thought, "why not?" So, I created a treasury so I could show them to you here. Yes, I know -- I should be taking photos of the great vintage stuff I need to get listed

BUT shopping is so much more fun than working, right? Especially when you can shop right from the comfort of your office or your sofa when it is below zero outside! Frigid is the word of the day here in Ohio, so I am staying socked in and getting some work done the rest of the day - my shopping time is over. Watch for new items in our Etsy shop soon - first the photos and writing descriptions . . . give me a day or two, then check it out. I have piles and boxes here filled with vintage goods and antiques. Half the battle is deciding what to list next.

And just a small favor before I go, please, if you like the blog so far, become a Follower over there in the right sidebar. I am very lonely there all by myself. Besides, I'd love to know that you came in and read along. I know we are just getting this blog started, but I will be adding lots of things for you to read and see.
Your Comments are always welcome, too.

I am off to dig out the boxes - stay warm and safe until next time. Lovely that you stopped by!  Sally

Jan 21, 2011

Vintage on the Ridge!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy to add this first blog post to our vintage blog. I am sure I will be doing a lot of tweaking over the next few days to improve the design and appearance of these pages - please bear with me.

First, let me introduce myself . . . I am Sally Van Nuys, fiber artist, web designer, and purveyor of antique and vintage treasures. Since I have been collecting and selling antiques in shops and online for so long, I am overloaded with great finds. And as Steven Wright would say, "You can't have everything -- where would you put it?" So that is precisely where we are - too much stuff and nowhere to put it! We really want to share it with all of you! So I opened an Etsy shop and will be offering many and varied antiques and vintage items for your perusal.

If you are a collector, a fan of vintage, or looking for something in particular, please contact me -- we have so much to offer and it's going to take a while to get it all in the Etsy shop. If we can help you, we will be happy to do so.

Check our Etsy shop and come back here to leave us a comment - we'd love to know what you think! Meantime, I am back to work to prepare more photos and new items. In future posts, I will be sharing lots of fun things - vintage sites I love, some of my favorite Etsy vintage finds, and even some really awesome things you can buy that fit a vintage decorating scheme.

Happy Trails!
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