Jan 29, 2011

What? No Starbucks??

I recently sold a beautiful copper and pewter antique coffee pot at Vintage on the Ridge Etsy shop. As I was packing it for shipping, I got to thinking about how much I love coffee and what a hardship it would be to have to prepare and wait for coffee to brew the old-fashioned way.

I stand in my kitchen preparing my coffee maker before my eyes are fully open in the morning. My pot tells me what time it is, how strong I can make my coffee, how long my filter has been in place, and gives me a delay timer option to have my coffee ready when I get up in the morning (though I rarely remember to set it.) My aromatic, delicious brew flows into a thermal carafe that keeps my coffee hot for two hours and then automatically turns the warmer off. Most modern coffee makers (we can't really call them 'pots' anymore, now can we?) do all that and some do even more, like grinding your beans or tying your shoes (okay, I jest. But you know what I mean.)

So as I sat this morning, enjoying my big cup of life-breathing caffeine, I thought it would be fun to look back at all the different coffee pot styles that I remember owning, or seeing in my grandmother and mother's kitchens over the years. Believe me young ones, coffee wasn't always so easy or great tasting. This first example is like a pot that I own and use as a planter on my porch -- cowboy coffee pot - open camp fire and all that. It's a boiler pot - no basket to hold the grounds; you just threw the coffee in the bottom, added water and waited for the grounds to settle as you boiled the heck out of them. After they boiled, you waited for the grounds to settle again and then hoped for the best when you poured out your cup o' sludge. Yuck!
Sold for $45 at Country Joe's Collectible Stuff
What? You don't want to make a campfire to prepare your morning cup of joe? Okay, on to the stove-top models. I remember my Grandma's pot looking a lot like this one. My aunts and my Mom all had variations on the this style, too. Aluminum pot with an inner coffee basket and a long tube thingy that let the water boil up and through the basket of grounds. Put it on the stove and let 'er boil folks. I am not sure how they knew when the coffee was done . . . I supposed they timed it, or watched the ones with the glass knobs on top to see when the coffee looked to be the right color? I just remember seeing these pots on the stove and smelling that coffee aroma, but that was long before I was allowed to drink it - or wanted to.
Foley and Comet brand stove-top percolator

Jan 23, 2011

How Bloggy Can You Get?

I know I've already posted today, but I had to mention the Blog Guidebook! If you write a blog or just really enjoy reading good blogs, please give them a visit. They have the best resources for bloggers - no, really! And the greatest design - I love the colors and feel of this site; these folks really have it together and are so helpful - check out all the wonderful stuff they offer. Can you tell I am a fan?

If you are searching for some fresh blogs to read, check out the blog list on the sidebar over there -- like I said, how bloggy can you get? What are you waiting for? GO!

Open the Trunk

A few months ago, a friend was updating her office and looking for a new desk. She doesn't have tons of space, so she needed something functional, space saving, and of course, beautiful. As usual, when someone says they are in need, I start surfing! Somehow in my web travels, I came upon this gorgeous steamer trunk office system at one of my favorite companies, Restoration Hardware (of all places, right?) It has the look of a gigantic vintage trunk - even opens and closes to save floor space when you aren't using your desk.

My friend opted to wait, but of course I had already fallen madly in love with it! Unfortunately, it's out of my price range and I really don't need a new desk. So at the very least, I can share it with you -- who knows perhaps one of you lovely readers will add it to your office space. If you do, please send me a photo so I can drool with envy! In the meantime, go see all the photo views of this wonderful piece at Restoration Hardware.

On a related note, when I moved from my two-story Colonial back to my childhood-home bungalow, I lost a lot of space but not the equivalent amount of stuff. Here I am two years later, trying to keep organized. To make a work room/office in one of the bedrooms, I converted the closet into my office space. My Mom's antique drop-front desk fit perfectly, along with my shelving system for my computer components. One of these days, when it's all neat and tidy, I'll post a photo. That solution allowed me to have most of the rest of the floor space for my workroom furniture - antique scrub table, hand-painted (by me) vintage dresser, bachelor's chair, and even my ironing board (which sometimes stays open for weeks at a time, I must confess.)

Have you solved an office space problem in a unique way? Do you incorporate vintage or antiques into your office as storage or design elements? We would love to see your ideas! Leave a brief description in the Comments below and if you intrigue me, I'll contact you for photos to post on our Favorites page. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you.

Jan 22, 2011

Ephemera and New Old Stock

I posted an Etsy treasury on our Favorites page (just click the link in the Pages bar at the top.) I found some lovely vintage ephemera and new old stock items on Etsy this morning, and thought, "why not?" So, I created a treasury so I could show them to you here. Yes, I know -- I should be taking photos of the great vintage stuff I need to get listed

BUT shopping is so much more fun than working, right? Especially when you can shop right from the comfort of your office or your sofa when it is below zero outside! Frigid is the word of the day here in Ohio, so I am staying socked in and getting some work done the rest of the day - my shopping time is over. Watch for new items in our Etsy shop soon - first the photos and writing descriptions . . . give me a day or two, then check it out. I have piles and boxes here filled with vintage goods and antiques. Half the battle is deciding what to list next.

And just a small favor before I go, please, if you like the blog so far, become a Follower over there in the right sidebar. I am very lonely there all by myself. Besides, I'd love to know that you came in and read along. I know we are just getting this blog started, but I will be adding lots of things for you to read and see.
Your Comments are always welcome, too.

I am off to dig out the boxes - stay warm and safe until next time. Lovely that you stopped by!  Sally

Jan 21, 2011

Vintage on the Ridge!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy to add this first blog post to our vintage blog. I am sure I will be doing a lot of tweaking over the next few days to improve the design and appearance of these pages - please bear with me.

First, let me introduce myself . . . I am Sally Van Nuys, fiber artist, web designer, and purveyor of antique and vintage treasures. Since I have been collecting and selling antiques in shops and online for so long, I am overloaded with great finds. And as Steven Wright would say, "You can't have everything -- where would you put it?" So that is precisely where we are - too much stuff and nowhere to put it! We really want to share it with all of you! So I opened an Etsy shop and will be offering many and varied antiques and vintage items for your perusal.

If you are a collector, a fan of vintage, or looking for something in particular, please contact me -- we have so much to offer and it's going to take a while to get it all in the Etsy shop. If we can help you, we will be happy to do so.

Check our Etsy shop and come back here to leave us a comment - we'd love to know what you think! Meantime, I am back to work to prepare more photos and new items. In future posts, I will be sharing lots of fun things - vintage sites I love, some of my favorite Etsy vintage finds, and even some really awesome things you can buy that fit a vintage decorating scheme.

Happy Trails!
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