Jan 22, 2011

Ephemera and New Old Stock

I posted an Etsy treasury on our Favorites page (just click the link in the Pages bar at the top.) I found some lovely vintage ephemera and new old stock items on Etsy this morning, and thought, "why not?" So, I created a treasury so I could show them to you here. Yes, I know -- I should be taking photos of the great vintage stuff I need to get listed

BUT shopping is so much more fun than working, right? Especially when you can shop right from the comfort of your office or your sofa when it is below zero outside! Frigid is the word of the day here in Ohio, so I am staying socked in and getting some work done the rest of the day - my shopping time is over. Watch for new items in our Etsy shop soon - first the photos and writing descriptions . . . give me a day or two, then check it out. I have piles and boxes here filled with vintage goods and antiques. Half the battle is deciding what to list next.

And just a small favor before I go, please, if you like the blog so far, become a Follower over there in the right sidebar. I am very lonely there all by myself. Besides, I'd love to know that you came in and read along. I know we are just getting this blog started, but I will be adding lots of things for you to read and see.
Your Comments are always welcome, too.

I am off to dig out the boxes - stay warm and safe until next time. Lovely that you stopped by!  Sally

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