Jan 23, 2011

Open the Trunk

A few months ago, a friend was updating her office and looking for a new desk. She doesn't have tons of space, so she needed something functional, space saving, and of course, beautiful. As usual, when someone says they are in need, I start surfing! Somehow in my web travels, I came upon this gorgeous steamer trunk office system at one of my favorite companies, Restoration Hardware (of all places, right?) It has the look of a gigantic vintage trunk - even opens and closes to save floor space when you aren't using your desk.

My friend opted to wait, but of course I had already fallen madly in love with it! Unfortunately, it's out of my price range and I really don't need a new desk. So at the very least, I can share it with you -- who knows perhaps one of you lovely readers will add it to your office space. If you do, please send me a photo so I can drool with envy! In the meantime, go see all the photo views of this wonderful piece at Restoration Hardware.

On a related note, when I moved from my two-story Colonial back to my childhood-home bungalow, I lost a lot of space but not the equivalent amount of stuff. Here I am two years later, trying to keep organized. To make a work room/office in one of the bedrooms, I converted the closet into my office space. My Mom's antique drop-front desk fit perfectly, along with my shelving system for my computer components. One of these days, when it's all neat and tidy, I'll post a photo. That solution allowed me to have most of the rest of the floor space for my workroom furniture - antique scrub table, hand-painted (by me) vintage dresser, bachelor's chair, and even my ironing board (which sometimes stays open for weeks at a time, I must confess.)

Have you solved an office space problem in a unique way? Do you incorporate vintage or antiques into your office as storage or design elements? We would love to see your ideas! Leave a brief description in the Comments below and if you intrigue me, I'll contact you for photos to post on our Favorites page. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you.

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