Feb 7, 2011

Antique or Vintage? What's Your Pleasure?

I have been a purist for many years and always wanted only antiques in my home. Vintage was fun and fine for other collectors, but I wanted the older pieces. What's the difference? Well, by definition, antiques are 100 years old or older; vintage must be at least 50 years old. The older I get, vintage gets even closer to antique (does that make sense?) I mean, ok, I grew up in the 50s. Most of the younger collectors think of 1950s vintage as 'antique.' How does that make me feel - well, vintage, of course! I guess I am talking in circles, but I hope you get my meaning: I want to collect antiques, not be one. So please, refer to me as vintage if you must (yes, I qualify) but I hope I die before I become a legitimate antique.
Cut Glass Antique Cruet Stand
What do you like to collect? Do you have a strong preference for vintage vs. antique? I hope you give them both an equal chance . . . just collect what you love because it makes your heart sing, or you love its color and form, or it has a special meaning to you. Being a purist is okay, but it can preclude you from finding some really beautiful things. If you see a piece of cut glass and your eyes pop out of your head, don't worry about how old it is -- figure out a way to use it! Like this one ... I added this cut glass cruet stand to our etsy shop today. It has long ago lost its bottles, but there has to be a great repurpose for this piece. It is so beautiful (yes, an antique) and in perfect condition.

Oh, you aren't crazy about glass? I get that - me either. I appreciate it and think it's pretty, but I collect primitive antiques and cut glass doesn't really fit that genre, you know?

So you like vintage stuff from the 40s maybe? Like that classic seafoam green color? It's gorgeous and blends with both bright and soft colors. Here's a very cool fruit basket from the 40s that you might like. It has handpainted fruit with mica glitter under glass:
Vintage 1940s Fruit Basket

See more photos of this awesome bread basket at Vintage on the Ridge.

Now here is a fun plate that can go with other antiques or with graphic vintage pieces. A white ironstone plate bearing the handpainted image of Little Polly Flinders in classic, simple colors. The nursery rhyme verse follows the rim of the pate, and that's it. No other decoration - beauty in simplicity. And fun, too.
Little Polly Flinders Plate
So there's a preview of just a couple of items I added to the shop today. I think I added about 10 items - between photographs, descriptions, measurements and all, I sort of lost track. But go for a visit and see for yourself -- vintage and antique -- both. I hope you see something you love, and maybe can't live without! If you have any questions, just convo me at the shop, or comment here. I am always happy to talk to you . . . vintage and antique lovers alike.

Take a look around your home -- do you have a vingnette that's kind of tired, or a collection that needs an addition? Think about color and form and not just age as you shop and buy the pieces you need . . . the time to buy an antique (or vintage) is when you see it! If you come back for it, chances are it will be living at someone else's house.
'Til next time . . .  Sally

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