Apr 21, 2011

Major De-Stashing Going On Here! Victorian Ephemera

Available - blank merchant trade card
Good morning - the sun is shining here finally and I am feeling a bit relieved. I spent all day yesterday and this morning adding to my vintage Etsy shop. I decided a lot of paper has to get listed and be sold. It's bargain time!

I have filled a new section of the shop, called Under Five Bucks, with lots of Victorian trade cards and some postcards. I have many more postcards to get listed - I have the photos taken and now need several hours to write them up and list them in the shop. If you collect, do mixed media or collage, or paper crafting, you might want to take a look. They are all listed way below their collectible value, so you could even make a few bucks if you decided to resell them. I just really need to continue to clean out drawers and shelves to make room in my studio so I can actually work on my art.
Already Sold - Seltzer Tradecard

I have lots more to go . . . but this is a good start. De-stashing is so fulfilling, isn't it? It takes a good amount of work, but in the end, someone else gets to enjoy the treasures and you get some much needed space back and if you are lucky, a few pennies in your pocket.

It's getting close to garage sale weather here, so I will probably do one of those as well. I hate to try to ship really large items and furniture across country - garage sales and flea markets work better. Wow - then I'll have a basement room and garage space, too! If you are in the NE Ohio area, check back here later in the Spring/Summer and I'll let you know when the big sale will commence!

Have a blessed weekend everyone - don't eat too many eggs!

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