Apr 18, 2011

Vintage Treasures - Where Do You Display Them?

OK- I know it's been a while, but I am here now and I have some new vintage and antiques to share with you. I spent many hours picking and choosing, taking photos, researching and listing new treasures for my Etsy shop. I have lots and lots more, but I do feel a small sense of accomplishment by getting more items listed. I hope you'll stop by and check out the new stuff.

Sausage grinding bench in front of last year's hydrangea bush
Spring makes me want to choose new primitives and vintage vignettes to display on my porch and in my gardens -- I just wish it would stay warmer here on the north coast. Do you use cool old stuff in your outdoor spaces? I love to use things in the garden that add interest and color, but aren't so valuable that if the weather takes its toll, I am not heartbroken about losing them. Iron is really cool to use because the weather just makes it look better (if you like rust.)

Iron bumble bee and wooden garden angel that my Dad made for me several years ago
Old wood can last a while but after a couple of seasons it needs to be replaced. I have a covered front porch, so I like to create sitting areas decorated with vintage finds and change them often throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. What are some of your favorite old items to use to decorate your outdoor spaces? How do you use them? Please share!

I just added a Graniteware section to the Etsy shop - graniteware (or enamelware, if you prefer)can be fun to sit potted plants in for porch decorations or even to use as actual planters in the garden. I have several old graniteware buckets that I use to hold my potting soil and to mix fertilizer in. They are easy to rinse out and look good while they're on the job! I especially love blue and white swirl graniteware (although I would never relegate the old, awesome pieces to the outdoors!)
Blue & White Swirl graniteware bucket; sold on my website several years ago. Wish I had kept this one! Not a great photo - sorry - it's all I have left : (
Cobalt blue & white swirl plate that I love (and kept!)
 Well, I am off now to add some more items to the Etsy shop -- stop by often to see the new stuff . . . the scrolling Etsy shop on the left will also show the new items. If you have any questions, I am always available to answer them for ya! Have a blessed Easter weekend . . . see ya next week!

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