May 1, 2011

Vintage & Antique Bargains Galore! Tons of Victorian Paper!

Been working like a fiend to get new things added to the Etsy shop. There are now over 100 items available and almost half are under $5. I told you I am really de-stashing here. I created a shop section Under $5 - Ephemera where you will find all kinds of cool old Victorian paper, old advertising stuff, trade cards and postcards. I have stacks of old postcards yet to come. I have also added quite a few items to the other sections, too.

This will be my almost full-time job until I get everything listed. So there should be updates to the shop almost every day. If you want to keep up with the new listings, you can always subscribe to my RSS Feed - you'll get instant updates to your mail Inbox whenever I add items to the shop, stop in here and click on the tab NEW@ETSY, or you can visit my Etsy shop every day, but then you'll have to hunt for the new stuff. Either way - get ready for some great bargains and some awesome stuff.
Victorian Tradecard for Round Oak Stoves
Signed Wensch Postcard, Freixas art - RARE

And so speaking of vintage ephemera, I found some great web sites while try to research some of the postcards and trade cards I was listing (almost impossible at times) that I'd like to share with you:

Ben Crane's, The Tradecard Place, is great! Check out his Victorian Scrapbook page!
Don't miss Pamela Franzmeier's, Remember When Vintage Postcards - so much to see and learn here!
And links to just about every category of vintage/antiques at - especially good Ephemera Links
Need to do a little research on your trade cards? Go to Harvard! Check it out here . . .

Be sure to try and keep up with my Etsy shop - especially if you collect old paper. I have quite a few tin types to be listed soon, too.

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