Sep 25, 2011

Let's Play Games

Game Boards
I have always loved board games. I think some of the fun for me is the graphic appeal of the board itself. We have sort of gone away from the traditional game boards in favor of the electronic versions, which is a shame. I suppose that is how folks from the 1800s saw it as well, as we came into the manufactured age and then moved on to cardboard and plastic. As a collector and dealer, it makes my heart jump when I see a great game board from the earlier centuries - the ones made by hand with wood and paint. Oh my!

That's why I am sharing this one with you -- from (Vintage and Modern) comes this awesome Backgammon board. Backgammon is one of my all-time favorite games (I must admit, I play an electronic version when I am alone so I have an adversary in the computer. It's better than not playing at all, I guess.) But if I had this magnificent board, it would be on my wall, never to be played with again! Look at that price tag, my friends . . . yep, it says $10,500!

Perhaps I will hook that design into a rug since the real deal will never grace my humble walls. Check out the whole description at and lots more photos, too.
News from the Etsy Shop: vintageontheridge
Have you been to my Etsy shop lately? Everything is on Sale at 20% off! It's a Fall Sale . . . get a great deal on some great vintage stuff! Come back here and let me know what you bought and I will send you a special vintage gift with your purchase! A sale and free stuff - how can you beat that?

Happy Bargain Hunting my vintage-loving friends!

Sep 1, 2011

Where the Hell Have You Been?

I know, I know! I have been miserably absent for the entire summer. There's probably no one left to read this blog . . . I'm sad for that, but I have been creating, working, and doing all summer. I cannot keep up with blogging, web site building, creating for my site and Etsy, and magazine projects - it's just too much (I always try to wear too many hats - I'm a classic over-achiever - what more can I say in my defense?)

So, what the heck have I been doing - you want to know?
Well, I have re-designed my web building business and web site. See that at

I re-designed JoEllen Dismukes web site at

I am almost done with a re-design of my rug hooking web site at (the old one is still there, but watch for the pretty, new, updated version to appear online very soon!)

I have been creating upcycled necklaces from vintage jewelry parts for my Etsy shop at
 . . . that was really fun and since my work table is still filled with pieces of vintage jewelry parts, I will be creating more of those as soon as I get my web site re-design finished up.

I worked on a rug hooking project to be featured in the new magazine SpoolMag ( The editor, De, contacted me and asked if I would like to be featured - "hell, yes!" I love to have the opportunity to spread the word about rug hooking to new folks. Thanks to De and SpoolMag for that chance!

I have listed a bunch of vintage items in my Etsy shop - lots of very cool, old, textile print blocks. It's my personal collection - but you know what Steven Wright used to say . . . "You can't have everything -- where would you put it?"--  that's my problem and so this was one collection that I didn't mind letting go of . . . here is just one of them - pretty cool, huh? And they can still be used for ink printing and also to impress the image into clays.

And in between those projects, I created a new Fall Hook-a-Month project for my rug hookers. Kits are still available if you are interested . . .

And then there was all that weeding of flower beds, mowing of lawns, dog watching for my daughter so she could go on vacation (when is it my turn for one of those?) He is a sweetie - a one year old Golden Retriever named buck who I adore! All 80 pounds of him!! He stayed for a week and he let me work most of the time . . . I still kept a close on on the little (big?) stinker who likes to eat socks! Luckily, I don't wear many socks in the summer time.

So there you have an encapsulated, abbreviated, shortened version of where my summer went. I spent a little time with friends, too. Some nice visits on my porch, sampling new wine and enjoying the summer evenings with my buddy Rick, who always serenaded me with his awesome guitar playing. A fun party with my BFF, Nancy and her family (doing it again for Labor Day!)

So, if you are reading this, Thank You! I am afraid I have lost you all with my absence. I promise to try to be more present in the future. Check out all the links and let me know what you think. And tell me about your summer - remember those back-to-school essays? "What I did on my summer vacation." Geez, I hated writing those! Mostly because we never took vacations and making it up got so boring! But do tell us what you did on yours. I will pick my favorite and reward you with a little something from Vintage on the Ridge Etsy shop - how's that?

I'll be back soon with more news and a little life . . . until then, stay safe, remember our troops and Never Forget 9/11!!

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