Mar 2, 2011

Holy Steampunk Batman!

Do you love steampunk design? Do you know what steampunk is? Or how it came about? While we have seen many artists producing steampunk art and selling it on Etsy, lots of folks still have not been exposed to this fantastical design style. I tried to describe it to someone a while back and really found myself at a loss for the proper words to explain it. I kept coming back to a goth-style for interiors . . . almost there but not quite. Anyway, I came across a link from NEA Journal online today and I was totally blown away. You have to see all this great stuff! And, if you aren't familiar with steampunk, you will be!

Start with this video from Fox News Boston: Steampunk Explained and follow it up by clicking on the links you see below the video box, especially the link.

And just in case you all want to get together and buy me a present -- this is one awesome piece. I would love to have it - gift wrapping is not necessary!

Okay, it's a tad expensive, so how about all this awesome steampunk stuff on Etsy? And that's just a search for Steampunk Housewares - there is jewelry, accessories, gadgets, oh you name it!

You have to admit that, even if you wouldn't put it in your own home or it's not your favorite style of jewelry, it is just so cool! My questions? What kind of a mind do you have to have to come up with these ideas? Is it art? Is it more than art? What does it say to you? Tell me - leave a Comment!
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