Aug 12, 2012

V&M (Vintage & Modern) is a daily destination

If you have never browsed V&M, you are in for a treat. Here you will find the best of the best, the unusual, the elegant, the best in vintage (and modern) finds. Curated collections by some of the most noteworthy dealers and designers are waiting for you. Be sure to sign up for their daily newsletter so you don't miss one new thing! This is one daily email that I look forward to reading (and being awed by) every single day. If you are a Pinterest fan who loves pinning cool vintage treasures, you will have a field day at V&M.

Their About column reads: "V&M (Vintage and Modern), is passionate about design, whether it's vintage furniture, antiques, art, jewelry or fashion. We provide members the ultimate destination for discovering unique pieces as well as inspire and educate with innovative editorial content."
“A must place to shop.” – Vogue
“The best vintage shopping on the web.” – The Los Angeles Times

They also have a cool blog that you'll enjoy and an inspiration board contest here:
where you can send them your inspired boards of unique design and vintage finds to compete for cash prizes - every week! Cool, right?

Are you an addict of the new History channel show Picked Off yet? V&M is the exclusive marketplace of the Merrill brothers who are the host experts of this great new show. You will find many of the items from the show offered for sale at V&M, like this awesome Enterprise coffee grinder!

Have I convinced you yet that V&M is way cool and worth a visit? I sure hope so, because you'll spend hours exploring, reading and learning there. Create an inspiration board of your own and upload it to Facebook for a chance to earn prizes, too. V&M is a wonderful and interactive place for all of us vintage lovers!

Check it out and please come back here and post your comments -- let me know what you think and show us what you found there that you would love to live with! I simply don't have enough room in my house for all the fabulous things that I see there every day and would love to own!

Be sure to sign up for their emailed newsletter, too. It's a great reminder to check out new inventory and articles.

Why are you still here? Go - look - be inspired!!

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